Meet Addison

At the age of 22, I went from being a Division 1 college soccer player to being unable to run. After graduating from the University of Maine, I began distance running in the hopes of running a full marathon. After 3 or 4 miles, my legs would start to lose feeling. If I continued my run, my legs would be completely numb.

A sports specialist diagnosed me with Compartment Syndrome and told me I could either quit running or get invasive surgeries on both legs. I knew there had to be a better way.

I quit gluten cold turkey. I went from eating fast food every week to reading every single ingredient label. Within a week, my life was changed. No more numbness while running. No more weekly headaches. No more brain fog. An increased focus. Clearer skin. A newfound love of healthy foods. I shared my entire journey on my blog, Organically Addison.

I believe that ingredients matter.

Sweet Addison’s revolutionizes desserts.  Our products are made with the best in class ingredients – leaving you satisfied knowing that these treats are better for you and the planet.  The ingredients are ethically sourced, sustainable, and minimally processed.

We have put a better for you spin on classic American desserts.  Every ingredient, flavor, and process is carefully thought out, creating desserts that feel and taste elevated.

With a passion for innovation, Sweet Addison's strives to inspire a shift towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We envision a world where dessert is a celebration of both flavor and responsibility. Join us on this sweet journey towards a brighter, tastier, and more sustainable future.

You can count on us.

Premium flavor. Best tasting products. Clean ingredients. Nothing artificial.